Biographical Information
Full Name


Titles Pooka
Physical Information
Species Goblin Cat
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Familial Information
Magickal Characteristcs
Magickal Powers
  • Flight
  • Connection to Tarot

Pooka is Tarot's pet Goblin Cat and familiar.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pooka looks very similar to an all-black bombay cat. However, his eyes are completely green, with a pair of bat wings on his back giving him flight and an arrow, demon-like point on his tail.


Pooka is shown to be very affectionate to his owner Tarot and her sister.

As is expected from a goblin cat, Pooka is prone to mischief that has nearly ended his life multiple times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Goblin Cat, Pooka has the power of flight through his wings.

As shown in issue #30, when Pooka suffers from a hairball, said hairball causes the environment around him to erupt into chaos, turning random objects into monsters, the only means of stopping it being a specialized bag to contain the hairball.

As Tarot's familiar, he possesses a natural connection to Tarot, empowering her magical abilities. When he is ill however, this weakens her powers instead.






  • Pooka is named after a mythical creature of Irish folklore, a shapeshifter known for its mischievous ways and for its black-fur, regardless of the form it takes.

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